Utku Sen


Utku Sen

Security Researcher


Utku Sen is a security professional who mostly focused on application security, tool development and cyber crime. He is the author of “Leviathan Framework” which presented in Blackhat USA and DEF CON conferences. He’s also the only Turkish citizen who nominated for Pwnie Awards.

An Introduction to Hacker Machines

Machine learning techniques are widely being used for defense purposes on network&endpoint security. They work well and getting better by time. Because of that, black box network pen testing becomes harder and requires more high skilled professionals. But when we compare penetration testing needs with number of high skilled professionals, they aren’t match. Because of that, automizing penetration testing&red teaming activities is a must.

We are working on a project which combines machine learning&natural language processing techniques with red teaming activities for months. The main purpose of the project: identifying most valuable assets on network, identifying best attack path, conducting the attack below the radar in order to stay away from IDS&IPS mechanisms. In this presentation I will briefly explain our techniques&methods in technical point of view. I will also try to explain how machines will change penetration testing works in future.There is no previous work on machine learning for red teaming activities. So this project will be the first in the world.

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