Latest Speakers

Celil Unuver

Celil Unuver is co-founder & security researcher of SignalSEC Ltd.

Mohammad Hluchan

Mohammad Hluchan is an independent cyber security researcher specializing in comparative analysis of the cyber security landscapes of the wider Middle East

Moti Joseph

Moti Joseph is currently a Senior Security Researcher with the Vulnerability Research Lab (VRL) of COSEINC.

AbdulAziz Hariri

AbdulAziz Hariri is a vulnerability analyst and exploit developer for the HP Zero Day Initiative.

Zubair Ashraf

Zubair Ashraf is the team lead and security researcher at IBM’s X-Force Advanced Research. 

Marion Marschalek

Marion Marschalek is currently employed at Cyphort Inc. Santa Clara, California. Marschalek is working as Malware Analyst and Threat Researcher.

Bahtiyar Bircan

Bahtiyar is senior security consultant with TUBITAK.