NOPcon CFP 2018

[+]What is NOPcon?

NOPcon is a non-profit hacker conference. It is the only geek-friendly conference without sales pitches in Turkey. The conference aims to learn and exchange ideas and experiences between security researchers, consultants and developers. One more, it’s a conference for community. It’s completely free to attend.


The 6th edition of NOPcon is taking place in Istanbul/TURKEY on the 3 May 2018. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the country’s economic, cultural and historical heart.

[+]CFP Details

We don’t place any restrictions on topic. However, here is a general list of topics that make us exciting;

– Vulnerability Research & Discovery Techniques
– Exploitation and Mitigation Bypass Techniques
– Malware, Rookit Technology
– Smartphone/Mobile/Embedded Hacking & Security
– Hardware Hacking Techniques
– 0day vulns and exploits
– New hacking/security tools for community
– Hardware and Software Reverse Engineering
– Infrastructures Hacking and Security

One more, there’s no restrictions on topics. Just send your paper, if you think it is cool!

[+]How to submit?

Your submission shoud include following details;

– Name, last name and contact details
– Brief bio
– Place of residence
– Presentation topic and description

Submissions should be sent to “info[.at.]” untill the 28nd February, 2018.

[+]CFP Deadline

28nd February, 2018

[+]Selected Speakers’ Privileges

NOPcon is one of the fewest security conferences which doesn’t sell tickets and doesn’t have any income from tickets. Thus, we have limited budget that we get from sponsors. Anyway, we try to cover speakers’ following expenses if we can;
– Free hotel accommodation
– Round economy class air tickets

[+]Registration and Tickets

Conference is free to attend but we have limited seats.
Just register online on

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