Denis Markrushin


Denis Markrushin

Security Researcher


Denis Makrushin is a threat expert with the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab focused on vulnerability research and development of threat intelligence and targeted attacks detection technologies.
Denis has gained diverse experience while working in the cybersecurity area. From the offensive security standpoint he’s been engaged in vulnerability research and security audits of corporate infrastructure, stress testing information and banking systems for DDoS-attack resilience, and he took part in the organization and holding of an international forum on practical security issues. He took time to look at the industry from the defense side perspective and built information security processes for critical infrastructure.
Denis has presented at many public international security conferences including Defcon, RSA Conference, CARO, BSides, PoC, PHDays, ZeroNights as well as multiple closed door invite-only security industry events.

Time of Death? How the Connected Medicine breaches “Do No Harm” principle

Patient-doctor confidentiality is a sacred bond. A time to share anxieties and concerns with an entrusted caretaker and no one else. So how do we account for that silent third-party watching the doctors?

Medical infrastructure is a highly sought after target for motivated cybercriminals. That ‘infrastructure’ is in reality a combination of unusual outdated devices coupled with unpatched forgotten machines. That combination is riddled with entry points into medical networks allowing threat actors to sit alongside doctors and administer their hostile brand of bedside manner.
The threat is far from theoretical. This year alone has been riddled with healthcare related headlines: “WannaCry Malware Caused Chaos for National Health Service”, “Two major Indonesian hospitals attacked in ‘ransomware’ storm”, “Hackers publish private photos from cosmetic surgery clinic”. But just how big is this threat?
The numbers are staggering. Our research will show that more than 70% of medical organizations have faced some kind of malware attack in the last six months. One in ten was the subject of an attempted ransomware attack. And that the healthcare industry alone accounts for 30% of recent data leaks. Is your anxiety peaking yet?
Well, pop a Xanax and join us for a therapy session on the dreadful state of medical infrastructure.
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